Mickey Dump...

Well I finally have a break from an insanely busy work schedule, and can post up some more Mickey Mouse shorts goodness.

Because I've neglected this blog for so long, this post will be on the hefty side. Hopefully I can get it all to upload properly!

In other Mickey news, we just took home a REPEAT win at the Emmys for Outstanding Short Format Animated Program! This time we won specifically for our "O Sole Minnie" short, examples from which can be found 2-3 blog posts ago. Massive Congratulations to everybody involved.

And now the artwork, all of which is © Disney 2013-2014...


"Adorable Couple"


"Third Wheel"


"O Futebol Classico"

"Tapped Out"

"Fire Escape"

"Eau du Minnie"

"Cable Car Chaos"

"Goofy's Grandma"

"Down the Hatch"

(unused early piece)

"Captain Donald"

It's hard to edit down all the work done for each short to just a few examples for display. I want to show it all, but I guess I have to leave you wanting more!

Our second season has started airing on the Disney channel, and will roll out over the next year. Lots of fun stuff in store, and more on the way! Thanks for stopping in!