Mo' Mickey Mo' Mickey Mo' Mickey...

Here are some more examples of my work from the latest Mickey episodes to air. Hope you like them.

On a sidenote, we just had a really strong showing at the latest Annie Awards. Big congrats to all of our nominees and winners!

Here's a LINK to find the shows online.

Now some draw-rings...

 "Mickey Monkey"

"The Boiler Room"

"Space Walkies"

"Mumbai Madness"

"Goofy's First Love"


"Doggone Biscuits"

Science Sid Work I Did...

The final product was about what I expected given the time and budget constraints, but this was still a pretty fun project to work on. Here are a few examples of the ton of work done on the Sid the Science Kid Movie...

It's amazing how two years' worth of distance from this project show how much I would do differently now. Just goes to show that if you're not constantly learning and evolving as an artist, you're stagnating.

I was credited as a Character Designer on this project, which I found a little weird, given all the Vis Dev and location design done, but what can ya do? Hopefully all the little would-be scientists out there got a kick out of it.