Last of the Tales of Metropolis...

Cartoon Network finally posted the last of the Tales of Metropolis shorts from their DC Nation block. I had a lot of fun doing the backgrounds on these. Many thanks to Will Patrick and everybody else involved.

Watch the final short HERE.

I also assembled all the BGs from the Lois/Batman short in a postmortem "Color Script".  I made an earlier version that could more accurately be called a color script, but I figured the finished versions would be more fun to look at. Apologies for the long thumbnail format...

More Tales of Metropolis...

The second of the three DC Nation "Tales of Metropolis" shorts I did the backgrounds for has been released online. This time around it features Lois trying to get an interview with a certain pointy-eared superhero. I'll be posting some background images soon.

Click HERE to watch. Hope you like it!

Tales of Metropolis...

I was recently asked by the talented Will Patrick (with whom I did the Animal Man work previously listed) and the folks over at WB to do another round of backgrounds for the DC Nation shorts. This time the subject was the home of the big guy in blue, to coincide with the "Man of Steel" release this month.
The first of three has aired, so I thought I'd post just a few of the dozens of backgrounds created for this fun little project.

Once a legitimate link to the shorts is put online, I'll post it here.

Last of the Animal Man goodies...

Here are some of the BGs done for the fourth and final Animal Man short done for WB's DC Nation block on Cartoon Network. Many thanks to Will Patrick over at WB, and all the folks who put in their time and effort.

You can see the shorts online by clicking here.

Images in this post are Copyright 2012 Cartoon Network/ WB Animation/ DC Comics... I don't know. I don't own them and neither do you!

Animal Man BGs...

These images (and the one from the previous post) are all examples of backgrounds I did for Cartoon Network's DC Nation Animal Man shorts from WB Animation. You can see some in their entirety


. I don't think they've all aired yet, but I'll post a couple more shortly.

On another subject, I'm designing and painting BGs for a really fun project over at Disney these days. Much more info on that in the coming weeks.


(All images this and previous post Copyright WB Animation 2012.)